What is (SPAN)???

This is one of my collective research based practices:
In 2011, (SPAN), Social Practices Art Network became a international grassroots resource for individuals, organizations, community groups and institutions that are interested in new genre arts forms and practices. We have conducted research about creative practices geared toward social justice. We do outreach to artists, art communities and colleagues around the globe. and as an aspect of this we have conducted interviews and created podcasts with artists and designers. We also facilitate an informative online community dialogue consisting of over 2000 global users. The research and outreach we do is converted into published material and ends up in journals, blogs and other types of online resources.

We recently co-edited a special section of the Journal of Curriculum and Pedagogy called Perspectives, that illustrates how artists, curators, cultural workers, designers, and educators activate what has been defined as a thirdspace; a space created so that cross-disciplinary relationships and collaborations can flourish; these practices create neutral zones that encourage open exchanges of ideas from a range of perspectives, we focus specifically on ways in which artists, designers, and educators create, inhabit, and use third spaces to navigate the liminal boundaries that exist among artistic production, participatory design, education, social justice, economic justice, ecology, and conflict resolution. See journal


In 2013, Carol Stakenas and Jackie Bell joined (SPAN). Jackie Bell began doing Listening Session in (SPAN) North in Calgary.

Click below for samples of a few of the (SPAN) Listening Sessions:

Here are samples of (SPAN) North authored by Jackie Bell

Here is a sample of an Art 21 article written by Carol Stakenas: